7 Deadly Sins of FTTx Engineering

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As we’ve moved towards a more automated and optimized world for fiber planning and design the pains that we’ve felt have moved downstream towards engineering and ultimately construction. The underlying fact of these pains is that cost blowouts, design adaptability and rollout velocity are problems facing the entire FTTx supply chain: Operators, Manufacturers, Engineers, Munis and Contractors.

On September 13th at 9:15am, Paul Sulisz, Biarri Networks Head of Customer Delivery will be taking center stage at ISE Expo 2017 to explore the 7 Deadly Sins of FTTx Engineering. The discussion will explore how we can deliver better across the end-to-end deployment of fiber networks through a more data-driven view of the world.

Join us for a collaborative session we’re we’ll be breaking down some of the sins that we’ve commited and overcome across the most complex and entertaining network deployments around the world, the presentation not to be missed.

If you can’t make it to the presentation you can find us at Booth #931 or bypass the crowds and pre-book a meeting at ISE.