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Fibre on Fire – Join us at FTTH Connect

Biarri Networks will be attending FTTH Connect, a premier North American event held by the FTTH Council of America. The event looks to connect more than 750 broadband network operators that have or are in the process of upgrading to all-fibre networks, including telecom equipment manufacturers, and design-and-build companies. The core goal is to connect and […]

Biarri Networks and Chile at the Speed of Light

Biarri Networks in Latin America. From March 17th to 20th, Santiago will be the scene of the 2015 Fiber to the Home Latin American (FTTH LATAM) Conference. There, the main network operators and technology providers will gather to share the innovations and deployments that are being developed in most countries throughout region. Martha Lucia Palacio […]

Joining the Fibre Optic Community

With such a strong driving force behind Fibre to the Home (FTTH) connections worldwide we thought it was about time to join the community. Biarri Networks would like to announce our partnership with the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Americas. The FTTH Council has strong ties to the development and deployment of FTTH connections […]

The first Open Science Workshop happened!

On a fresh Saturday morning a group of around 50 people gathered together down at Inspire9 for a single purpose – to talk about science! It was called the Open Science Workshop and it looked a bit like this: The morning started with a great motivating talk by Alex Ghitza – a senior lecturer at […]

NBN network design now covers one million homes and businesses

Planning for the National Broadband Network hit a major milestone this week, with the NBN’s network designs covering its one millionth premises. Designing a national broadband network is a huge challenge in terms of scale, complexity and technical approach. But NBN Co has had help from its design partner Biarri Networks, part of a commercial mathematics […]

How were the sites for the three year rollout chosen?

Today NBN Co announced that the NBN fibre rollout plan will expand to around a third of the country’s homes and businesses over the next three years, across 1,500 communities in every state and territory, covering 3.5 million premises. An interesting story behind the story is how these locations were chosen. A set of logistical, engineering and […]