Biarri Networks at the
2018 FTTH Conference

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It’s this time of year where you can start thinking to yourself, “why am I still planning and designing FTTH Networks the same way?”

What innovation is really out there that can change my rollout for the better?

Our goal for 2018 is to do things differently; an approach to planning and design that is simple, yet powerful and that will truly disrupt FTTH deployments.

What better way to learn what we’re talking about, than to see it; to see FOND in action.

Rav Raniga, one of our FTTH experts will be heading to Europe’s largest FTTH Conference this year so don’t miss your chance to setup a meeting and see what all the buzz is about!

FTTH Conference 2018:

When: February 13 – 15

Where: Valencia, Spain

How to arrange a meeting? Head to our contact page, or email Rav directly.