Biarri Networks announces rebrand and new leadership

To build the next generation of telecom networks.


Biarri Networks, the experts in digital, end-to-end, next-generation fiber network engineering solutions, announced a brand refresh and internal leadership restructure today. Highlighting innovation and design thinking, the new brand and structure reflect Biarri Networks’ commitment to developing partnerships and tools that construct high-speed networks faster and more efficiently. 

Paul Sulisz has been promoted to CEO at Biarri Networks. Sulisz was previously the SVP of Engineering and brings 19 years of experience in the telco industry. Paul has 8+ years in the fiber/fixed access networks along with 11 years in wireless networks, completing projects all over the world. Over the last five years, he’s focused on productizing and deploying innovative approaches to digital design, engineering, and construction while also expanding Biarri’s global footprint. 

“It’s an absolute honor to serve this amazing team in this capacity,” Sulisz said of his new role. “As a team, our dedication to deep thinking and analysis has yielded tremendous results with our customers as well as given us valuable insight for us to better serve the global telco market. The current times have further stoked our desire to help those that need to get connected.

“This rebrand and website update is the result of great design-thinking by experts we’ve recruited to help us articulate data-driven design and engineering as our customers and the market demand more from us.” 

The company’s new website showcases how Biarri Networks moves network construction projects from feasibility studies to construction and deployment efficiently with all available data and industry expertise. The result: tools and services that connect more people, quicker. The website highlights Biarri Networks’ first self-service fiber design software product, FOND Design Pro, an autodesign, cloud-based tool. Biarri’s years of telecom network design expertise are highlighted with Engineering Services, a consulting division that provides solutions for all phases of network construction projects. 

New Biarri Networks Logo


About Biarri Networks

Biarri Networks develops end-to-end tech solutions that accelerate the design and deployment of fiber, broadband, and 5G networks. We simplify and accelerate the work of upgrading and building telecommunications networks across the globe. Our team aims to break down the complex problems of large-scale telecom network construction, beginning with data gathering and design and ending with final deployment. Since 2009, Biarri Networks has focused on leveraging data to improve planning, designing, and constructing networks. Now, Biarri Networks employs 150 people and has offices in Denver and Melbourne.  

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