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With only 1 week left until FTTH Connect it’s time to start filling up your calendars!

This year Biarri Networks is proud to announce active involvement across the FTTH Connect conference and it would be great to have you join us.

On Monday June 13, 3:15pm – 3:45pm at the Expo Theater you can join Paul Sulisz, Global Head of Customer Delivery for Biarri Networks, and Michael Measels, Enterprise Architect for 3-GIS in the presentation titled “commoditizing the design”. This presentation will explore how Engineers, Telco operators, Municipalities and PPPs can streamline, automate and optimize end-to-end fiber planning, design, rollout, and management resulting in FTTx networks delivered faster, easier and with greater confidence.

Across Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday find Paul Sulisz, Bernard Blake, Tim Fist or Patrick Edwards at the 3-GIS Booth (#530). We’re always ready to explore how the Biarri Networks’ algorithmic approach to FTTx planning and design can deliver a real bottom line benefit to your network rollout.

On Tuesday June 14 at 7:30pm Join Biarri Networks, 3GIS and BHC Rhodes for our evening of drinks, food, and entertainment on Broadway. Head over to the 3-GIS Booth (#530) or BHC RHODES booth (#519) and ask about how you can register! Or send through an email and ask now! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet our team at FTTH Connect!

The FTTH Connect Conference is on again this year in Nashville, Tennessee. We are pleased to announce that Biarri Networks and 3-GIS will be partnering to explore how advances in technology are redefining how we can plan, design and build FTTx networks.

Where – Expo Theater
When – June 13, 2016. 03:15 PM – 03:45 PM
Who – Paul Sulisz, Head of Customer Delivery, Biarri Networks and Michael Measels, Enterprise Architect, 3-GIS

Commoditizing the design

Traditional FTTx Network Planning, Design and Construction Management approaches are the limiting factor for Engineering companies to meet their Telco, Municipality and PPP customer requirements. Despite being able to solve planning and design problems at a small scale, when approached with complex architectures, data sets and delivering at scale, Engineering companies fall victim to inconsistency and lack of visibility which results in time and cost blowouts across the end-to-end network rollout.

Advances in technology is giving Engineering companies a fresh outlook on how to manage a FTTx network rollout by removing planning and design noise through a commoditized design approach.

Biarri Networks and 3-GIS will be demonstrating how modern technology and the use of automation and optimisation is commoditizing the network planning and design process. By limiting manual processes, direct user input and improving consistency across, design drawings and specific architecture specifications Engineering companies are now able to deliver:

  • Fast and accurate network planning and design
  • Dynamic and fast, customer, field and architecture feedback
  • Scalable network planning and design
  • Fast and auditable as-built assets

Don’t miss out on this presentation. Join Paul Sulisz, Biarri Networks and Michael Measels, 3-GIS to see how a commoditized approach to planning and designing FTTx networks benefits the entire end-to-end process and the key Engineering, Telecom, Municipality and PPP stakeholders.

About FTTH Connect 2016

Join us in Nashville for FTTH Connect to learn from thought leaders and industry experts, find the latest products and solutions in our Expo Hall, and share your experiences with more than 1,300 FTTH professionals. If you are involved in the design, build, operation, upkeep, and marketing of FTTH networks, this is the event to attend to find the latest strategies to successfully advance through all stages of deployment.
Follow one of the interesting education tracks: New and Emerging Technology , The Community Toolkit: FTTH from A to Z, Marketing and New Services for Increasing Revenues, Leading Best Practices for Fiber Deployment, Meeting Bandwidth and New Application Demands

Where: Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, Nashville, Tennessee

When: June 13-15, 2016

The Biarri Applied Mathematics Conference is on again and registrations are open for 2016. This year FTTx planning and design optimisation is a core component of the free 2-day conference so don’t miss out!

What are Fibre Optic Networks, how do we predict how expensive they will be and why do we do it?

Patrick Edwards will take BAM attendees through the complexities of a fibre network rollout and how it’s not always as straight forward as meets the eye. With billions of dollars being spent around the world on the deployment of these networks Patrick will explore the importance of optimisation and mathematics when predicting costs and different architectures.

Patrick Edwards has a background in mathematics, physics, programming and biochemistry. Patrick enjoys finding new ways to apply the skills from those areas to problems in the FTTx space. By conducting experiments for clients, Patrick helps companies across the telco industry make informed architectural and strategic decisions across their FTTx rollouts.

Why don’t Engineers and Mathematicians get along?

Alex Grime will be looking into the differences in how engineers and mathematicians think and speak across FTTx deployments and how that often gets in the way of successfully leveraging each other’s strengths:

  • Engineers want accurate, mathematicians want precise,
  • Engineers are interested in the destination, mathematicians are interested in the journey,
  • Engineers think 3 dimensionally, mathematicians think n dimensionally.

Alex Grime has over 20 years of experience in the telco industry across Network Strategy, Technology, Planning, Design, Cost Optimisation, and Operations. With a strong history in various roles across Optus, and NBN Alex is now one of the leading Telecommunications consultants for Biarri Networks.

How freedom to innovate is optimising global fibre rollouts.

Laura Smith will be discussing how FTTx networks are now being planned, designed and deployed with greater certainty, speed and at a lower cost by empowering smart mathematical minds. Through the use of optimisation, machine learning and other mathematical techniques, the entire industry is being re-imagined around us– and for the better.

Laura joined Biarri Networks after graduating with a Science degree in 2014. Starting as a member of the design team, she began taking on leadership roles and her focus changed to team development. Laura is passionate about process improvement and thrives on the challenges of working with a wide variety of people and clients.

The BAM Conference 2016

Registrations are now open and this year the conference will be held in Brisbane, Australia, on June 28 and 29 at QUT Gardens Point with support from The Queensland University of Technology, The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute and Biarri.

Head over to the website to explore the other speakers, presenters and register now!

Last Tuesday a group from Biarri Networks in Brisbane headed over to the Ronald McDonald House at Herston for a Bake Off. This was part of Biarri Networks’ Positive Impact program, encouraging the team to give back to our community for a day. Ronald McDonald House Charities is a not for profit organisation which provides housing for seriously ill children and their families located too far from the hospital to commute.

During the Bake Off, we were tasked with baking an afternoon tea spread for up to one hundred people who were staying in the house. All the usual suspects were there – chocolate chip cookies, brownies and blueberry muffins – but we mixed up the offering with Malteaser slice, coconut ice, savoury scones and caramel slice. While we were waiting for everything to bake, we realised we had a selection of groceries leftover, and managed to whip up some coconut haystacks and dark chocolate fudge on the fly. When everything was ready, the residents were called down to get some afternoon tea, and there were no leftovers!

Thanks to the team for a great day, and to Ronald McDonald House!

Last Friday a group from Biarri Networks thoroughly enjoyed spending the day working at the St Kilda Mums (SKM) warehouse. Biarri is passionate about giving back to our community and admire the work of SKM, an organisation local to our Melbourne office who is dedicated to providing disadvantaged babies and children safe equipment and clothing.

We spent the day sorting donations SKM had received from the public to be passed on to families in need, be they fleeing domestic violence, newly arrived refugees or on tough times. Recycling is another strong purpose of SKM which also is close to Biarri’s heart. Three of us spent the day pulling apart prams that had failed to meet safety standards, preparing the rubber and steel to be recycled.

A big thanks to SKM and our Biarri team for a job well done.

Biarri Networks is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the Broadband World Forum for 2015 and will be a key speaker on the 20th of October at 2:20pm in the main exhibition hall, within the Access Innovation Theatre.

The Broadband World Forum is renowned as one of the world’s largest telecom, media & technology events pulling over 7,800 senior executives from across the globe to London’s ExCeL.

This year Ash Nelson, Co-founder and Director of Biarri Networks, will be demonstrating how Biarri Networks’ QED has revolutionised the FTTx design industry for wireline, wireless and engineering companies by :

  • Increasing the velocity of fibre designs to 50,000 premises per day.
  • Increasing the agility to change designs based on live feedback
  • Getting networks rolled out sooner and at a lower cost by streamlining network planning.

Ash will be presenting on the 20th of October at 2:20pm under the theme growing the UK digital economy through world-class connectivity with his discussion named “FTTX Auto-Design: Lower Cost Networks Designed at Speed and Scale.”

Join Ash at the Broadband World Forum at 2:20pm on the 20th of October 2015 in the main exhibition hall, within the Access Innovation theatre.

If you wanted to see Biarri Networks in action, Get in touch with Ash and organise a time to grab a coffee!

See you there!