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What if a network could be rolled out months sooner?
How much would an 80% reduction in network design time save?
What would 10% of avoided costs in network construction mean to the bottom line?

In July Paul Kennedy CEO of Biarri Networks was a key speaker at the FTTH Connect Anaheim conference ‘fiber on fire’.

His presentation takes a look through the current method of FTTx planning and design and how we need to stop planning and start designing!

If you have any questions about the video please get in contact!

Decatur, AL –July , 2015 – 3-GIS, a global provider of web-based fiber network design and management solutions, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Biarri Networks to fully integrate 3-GIS Fiber Network Solutions with Biarri Network’s fiber network design software, FOND. The integration ensures a complete end to end solution for planning, designing, and constructing FTTx networks.

Fiber Optic Network Design (FOND) from Biarri is a solution that evaluates multiple network variables such as; existing infrastructure, material costs and regulation and generates a lowest cost fiber optic network design empowering your decisions in the rollout of fiber optic networks. FOND supports seamless integration with existing processes and systems and enables organizations to create optimized FTTx designs into the end-to-end network rollout while reducing design time by 80% and construction material and labor costs by 20%.

“By Integrating FOND with 3-GIS Network Solutions customers now have access to a systemized planning and design process that couples our advanced auto-design engine with powerful mapping and design tools from 3-GIS.” said Paul Kennedy, CEO, Biarri Networks “As providers strive to address consumer demand through shorter set-up time, rapid business cases, quick designs, and faster turnaround in the field the Biarri Networks and 3-GIS partnership means our customers will be deploying their network while their competitors are just getting started. A 21st century solution for their 21st century networks!”

Designed to remove the complexity of using a geospatial information system to manage the design, construction, and on-going maintenance of fiber optic networks, 3-GIS Fiber Network Solutions is the industry’s first web-based, full-editing GIS software solution for fiber optic network management. The partnership between 3-GIS and Biarri creates an unprecedented advantage for customers allowing them to scale the output from the design and deliver data seamlessly to construction while reducing overall network costs through the new optimized solution.

“By joining the core competencies of 3-GIS and Biarri Networks, a turn-key solution now exists, for the first time, to meet today’s challenges of upgrading and building FTTx deployments worldwide.” said Michael Measels, Enterprise Architect, 3-GIS. “As providers continue to struggle with scaling their design initiatives and meeting demanding construction timelines, intuitive systems capable of applying varying network architectures to deliver an optimized automated design are the answer.” Measels continued, “Delivering the optimized design into an industry standard fiber management system capable of evaluating and extending the design to support field, permitting and construction activities provides our customers with a turn-key solution for meeting its fiber design, construction and management goals.”

About Biarri

Biarri Networks delivers the power of mathematics and operations research to assist business, communities and governments in developing their fiber optic designs. You can be assured of the highest quality design at the lowest cost. Through powerful and easy to use software it makes planning effort an issue of the past. Visit for more information

About 3-GIS

3-GIS is a leading innovator of smart geospatial solutions for the telecommunications industry. 3-GIS Network Solutions provides simple, smart, fast GIS solutions for fiber network planning, design, construction, and management. 3-GIS Network Solutions, comprised of 3-GIS Web,3-GIS Mobile and 3-GIS Admin, is the world’s first web-based, full-editing fiber network management software. Visit for more information.

Biarri Networks is turning the Telecommunications and Engineering Industry on its head by delivering detailed fiber network designs at a rate of more than 50,000 premises per day, at one tenth of the cost.

Biarri Networks QED (Quick. Elegant. Designs.) is a proven process for providing fiber optic network design as a service. It combines FOND – Biarri Networks’ revolutionary software – and a team of network planners to achieve operational excellence never seen before for fiber network design.

In 2014 Biarri Networks and NBN Co, an Australian government company were recognized in the prestigious Edelman Awards for their work on the $30 billion dollar national FTTH project. Through the application of advanced analytics and operations research Biarri Networks was able to help NBN Co generate a fresh perspective on how to design a FTTH network, reducing costs, and increasing transparency.

So, how has Biarri Networks built on their 2014 success?

“The number of premises that we are designing at this velocity and quality has never been seen before in the industry”

Paul Sulisz, General Manager for Biarri Networks QED

Biarri Networks’ QED process applies operational excellence and ensures seamless and transparent integration with existing systems and processes. The ease of access to a detailed bill of materials, and splicing tables provides greater visibility across the network providing the most granular of outputs.

Biarri Networks QED adopts a continuous improvement feedback cycle and it is common for iterations to be made to backend architecture allowing for updated, new designs by the next day. This agility on top of the throughput that the network planners provide ensures certainty in getting your FTTx network designed sooner, below budget, with easy integration with the next stage of the network rollout.

Businesses, communities and governments that are looking to deploy FTTx Networks require processes that drive greater velocity, integration, and certainty at a reduced cost. Biarri Networks has proven that they are capable of delivering fiber network designs for more than 50,000 premises per day, at one tenth of the cost. By focusing on operational excellence, and process efficiency, Telecommunications, Engineering, and Consultation companies can be certain that they can surpass customer expectation and demand.

Start the conversation and let us prove how we can revolutionize your FTTx network design.

Biarri Networks will be attending FTTH Connect, a premier North American event held by the FTTH Council of America. The event looks to connect more than 750 broadband network operators that have or are in the process of upgrading to all-fibre networks, including telecom equipment manufacturers, and design-and-build companies. The core goal is to connect and help grow our combined wealth of knowledge around connecting people, households, and businesses through fibre!

This year Biarri Networks will be contributing as a key speaker on the 30th of June. Paul Kennedy, the Chief Executive Officer of Biarri Networks will be taking attendees through ‘How do you design a better fibre network? You stop planning.

The discussion will demonstrate how we have empowered businesses communities, and governments to make consistent, high quality and agile, fibre network designs resulting in:

  • 80% reduction in design time,
  • 20% reduction in material costs, and
  • 3000+ homes designed and validated in minutes!

Paul will be speaking on Tuesday June 30 at the Expo theatre located in the expo hall at 12:25 – 12:55 p.m. Seats at the venue are limited so don’t miss out!

To reserve your seat email Boni Botha

FTTH Connect will be run over three days from June 29 – July 1 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The event works to connect major players in the FTTH industry to share knowledge and accelerate the deployment of all-fiber networks.

To find out more about the FTTH Connect event head over to the website

See you at FTTH Connect 2015!

About FTTH Council

The FTTH Council works to create a cohesive group to share knowledge and build industry consensus on key issues surrounding fiber to the home. Its mission is to accelerate deployment of all-fiber access networks by demonstrating how fiber-enabled applications and solutions create value for service providers and their customers, promote economic development and enhance quality of life.

About Biarri Networks

Biarri Networks is an international company operating out of Australia. We use the power of mathematics and operations research to assist business, communities and governments in developing their fibre optic designs. You can be assured of the highest quality design at the lowest cost. Through powerful and easy to use software it makes planning effort an issue of the past.

Last Friday Biarri got involved in the World’s Greatest Shave.

There were five of us in the team – the Biarri Cut Maximisation Squad:

  • Noon Silk
  • Fabion Kauker
  • Andrew Perkins
  • Nick Knowles
  • William Foong

Before the big event, we were eager, happy, and excited about the future.

Squad before the shave

From left to right: William Foong, Noon Silk, Nick Knowles, Andrew Perkins.



Fabion, joining in from America, was also preparing himself


Fabion prepares himself.


Joe opened proceedings with some motivational words to the squad, but there is a sense that something is about to happen.


Joe providing some motivating thoughts; William contemplating getting in the chair.


Then the harsh reality set in – cuts are required, and Joe is willing to step up and make the hard choices.

Joe starts the cuts.

Joe begins the cuts.


Fabion gets things started by testing out a new set of handlebars

Photo 2015-03-15 08_19

Fabion starts out showing some chin.


And then some shortening of the chops

Photo 2015-03-15 08_19 (1)

Chopper Fabion.


Pretty soon the rest of the team jumped in


William has a go at Nicks hair.


Things were moving fast


Stéphanie carefully prepares Andrew for shaving.


Fabion decided to get a little bit whimsical …

Photo 2015-03-15 08_17 (1)

Fabion shows America how hipsters do it in Melbourne.


And very reluctantly cut back the Mo …

Photo 2015-03-15 08_19 (2)

Hanging on to the hope of a Mo’.


But finally let it (almost) all go

Photo 2015-03-15 08_17 (2)

Fabion may be trying to impersonate a turnip.


We were all relieved to see the end of the cuts

Squad at the end.

The Biarri Cut Maximisation Squad after all the cuts. We largely survived.

As a team we managed to raise over $4000! In large part due to the Biarri Group of companies kicking in $1500.

Big thanks to everyone who participated and donated, and in particular thanks to Biarri for letting us do the shave there, and for the great sponsorship!

It was really nice to have everyone involved.


Bonus content:

Evolution of Fabion

The animated evolution of Fabion

Biarri Networks in Latin America.

From March 17th to 20th, Santiago will be the scene of the 2015 Fiber to the Home Latin American (FTTH LATAM) Conference. There, the main network operators and technology providers will gather to share the innovations and deployments that are being developed in most countries throughout region. Martha Lucia Palacio Business Developer of Biarri Networks for the Latin America Market has been chosen to be a panelist in Justifying the Business Case (Vendors) on her topic Breaking the Paradigm from Design to the Civil Works. This panel is currently scheduled to take place at the 2015 FTTH LATAM Conference on Thursday, March 19th from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Biarri Networks will be present for the first time in Latin America at this important event, revealing how it is possible align your technology, processes and people to ensure the lowest cost network deployment.

Australia and Chile have an excellent bilateral relationship and extensive experience doing business together, so when an Australian company wants to expand their horizons to Latin America, Chile is the best place to begin. But our commitment is with the entire region: Currently almost all countries in Latin America are developing important network deployment projects and we want to apply the latest technology in design optimization and management of network deployments throughout Latin America – from Mexico to the southernmost region! These globally patented technologies will allow all national projects of expansion or creation of fibre optical networks can be achieved in even shorter time than expected, with the guarantee of having the best network. So from March 13th, we will undertake a long journey from Melbourne to Santiago, with a vision to provide our expertise and innovations in the service of Latin America.

Planning for the National Broadband Network hit a major milestone this week, with the NBN’s network designs covering its one millionth premises.

Designing a national broadband network is a huge challenge in terms of scale, complexity and technical approach.

But NBN Co has had help from its design partner Biarri Networks, part of a commercial mathematics company with offices in Brisbane and Melbourne that is supplying network design optimisation software to support the development of efficient, lower cost network construction plans.

The progress to date is due in part to Biarri Networks’ Fibre Optic Network Design (FOND) software which quickly generates low-cost fibre network designs. It can determine optimal fibre area boundaries, the position of fibre hubs, and the layout and route of distribution and local fibre.

Since 2010, Biarri has worked in close collaboration with NBN Co experts to tune the optimisation engine and incorporate network design details as they were defined.

Over this period NBN Co has seen continuous increases in productivity, with designs for entire FSAMs currently taking about 20 days to complete, compared with traditional manual design methods, which take 145 days for a similar result.

Joe Forbes, founder and director of Biarri Networks, congratulated NBN Co on the milestone: “We are pleased to have contributed to the success. This demonstrates that smart mathematics in the hands of skilled users can exceed ambitious targets and change an industry,” Forbes said.

The FOND software uses mixed-integer programming, a branch of mathematics used by airlines and logistic companies to solve complex network problems in minutes. Biarri Networks has combined this computational power with intuitive software to enable fibre planners achieve a six times productivity increase.

Biarri Networks has also provided the analytic services for determining the national fibre footprint and exchange locations.

By Chris Niesche, NBN Co Blog Contributor

Christopher Niesche has been a journalist for nearly two decades, first
with The Australian, then Dow Jones Newswires and ultimately as a
deputy editor at The Australian Financial Review. He lives in Sydney with
his wife and son.

Today NBN Co announced that the NBN fibre rollout plan will expand to around a third of the country’s homes and businesses over the next three years, across 1,500 communities in every state and territory, covering 3.5 million premises.

An interesting story behind the story is how these locations were chosen.

A set of logistical, engineering and practical considerations were balanced with the government’s policy objectives to determine the rollout sequence.

All of these factors were built into a mathematical algorithm, and a clever Australian company called Biarri developed the modelling into a software tool that lets us plan the most efficient sequence of areas for the rollout. Read more