FTTx Network Construction

Automation and optimization supporting
key construction decisions.


Network Design software that produces detailed designs, calculates bills of materials
and produces construction drawings to support the most efficient build of a fiber netowork.


Remove manual design effort across your critical construction decisions.


Support critical construction with data and design led decisions.


Centralize all rules to make anyone a network construction expert.

Simplified Detailed Designs

Quickly produce a geospatial detailed network design to understand network deployment with far greater confidence.

FTTx Network Construction Detailed Designs
FTTx Network Construction Bill of Materials

Simplified Bill of Materials

Instantly generate a detailed BOM based on an optimal and buildable network design to gain better confidence in your network construction decisions.

Simplified Construction Docs

Rapidly produce critical construction documentation to deliver better in-field results and build a revenue generating asset sooner.

FTTx Network Construction Documentation

Understand the key cost drivers of your network

Utilize key detailed designs, bill of materials and construction drawings to be certain across all fiber deployment costs.

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Produce constructable network designs

Quickly take your HLDs and validated data to produce detailed designs to support key construction requirements.

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Iterate designs with real in-field data

Embed critical CRO and walkout data into further Detailed Design iterations to gain a better grasp of construction.

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Create construction package documentation

Effortlessly turn detailed designs and bill of materials into the key construction documentation for your as-built assets (lay plans, splicing diagrams, fog plans etc.)

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Construct a transparent and maintainable network

Integrate key Detailed Design documentation into your construction systems do drive deployment efficiency and build success.

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Biarri’s network design approach greatly improves time to market, removes planning and engineering subjectivity, and designs a more cost efficient and effective network. In short, this design software is a paradigm changer.

Danny Huffman
Danny HuffmanPresidentONUG Communications

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