An Innovative Fiber Optic Network Design Solution for Engineering Services Firms

More Volume | Greater Speed | Improved Consistency | Reduced Costs

Introducing FOND

FTTx Optimized Network Design – aka. FOND – has been purposely built to work as an arm of your Engineering team. It brings together Biarri network designers and powerful FTTH design software to design next generation Fiber Networks.

Free up your Engineers to focus on delivering real deployment results.

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How does it work?

With expertise across the design of FTTH networks, we have customized our software to specifically solve the problems that your engineers face working with your specific Tier 1 telco customer. We work closely to enhance your teams’ ability to deliver with speed, at scale and with reduced costs.

An arm to your engineering team

Your team is one of your greatest assets. Give them the power to deliver real results for your FTTH deployment by removing monotonous tasks and processes.

Deliver Better

Deliver Better

Speed and Consistency are key to delivering successful work. Let us help you remove bias and instead focus on data and facts.

Win more

Demonstrate your ability to deliver work at speed, consistency and scale all while being compliant with your customer’s requirements — ultimately giving you the ability to win more work.

Win More
Design Faster

Finish Sooner

Remove the burden of design across your FTTH Network Engineering by letting Biarri support your Engineers to deliver.

A new tool for your toolbox

Do what you’ve been trained for and let Biarri remove the hassle of manual tasks and processes from your job. Instead, focus on achieving engineering outcomes.

Design Faster Engineer

Design Faster

Remove antiquated processes, monotonous tasks and tedious work by sending it to our team. Instead focus on the big picture and delivering positive deployment results.

Design Easier

There’s no more need for you to spend time re-arranging FSTs and optimizing cable routing, let us do it at a click of a button.

Design Smarter

Design Smarter

Integrate your design and architecture rules into the core of our FOND solution to ensure the best possible designs, every time.

Focused on delivering results

We bring together our expertise across the optimization of global fiber networks to support your deployment. On top of a focused solution for your engineers, we also support your critical data, process, and integrations.