Out and about supporting our community

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Biarri Networks has a Positive Impact program so that, although we are a small organisation, we can support the people and causes we believe in. Each of us are entitled to paid days out of the office volunteering as a group for local charities.

Our teams recently volunteered at Save Our Waterways Now (SOWN) and Foodbank as part of our commitment to giving back to our community and environment.

Rehabilitating and protecting precious waterways in Brisbane

SOWN are group of passionate volunteers committed to investing in the future of the local ecosystem and community, working to restore the habitats of creeks and waterways around Brisbane. They supply free plants to all members, plant various native species in the field, and encouraging volunteers to take charge of their own creek areas.

During our morning at the SOWN nursery the heavens opened so we were forced to stay undercover. We pricked out and labeled a whopping 1250 Matrush seedlings, ready to go into the field. Our team thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to use our energy to help a part of the community we wouldn’t normally get a chance to interact with.

Australia’s largest food relief organisation

It can be hard to believe that in our seemingly affluent society families are going hungry. But according to Foodbank 14% of Australians are accessing emergency food. Foodbank coordinates and assists various charities with dispensing food to those who need it, some 652,000 people each month. Their impact is wide reaching as they deliver food to a host of other charities, supporting the whole ecosystem in food relief.

Biarri Networks visit both the Brisbane and Melbourne Foodbank warehouses. Across these separate volunteering days our teams were truckies or packers. We drove around in a Foodbank truck to pick up boxes of food from various places, packed food orders, or moved crates of vegetables. One team managed to pack hampers in recording breaking time using a classic Henry Ford assembly line approach with a modern Biarrian twist. We can now claim the ‘most packed hampers in 4 hours’ world record!

A big thanks to SOWN, Foodbank and our Biarri team valuable work well done.