Fiber network design:
A focus on simplification

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We want more bandwidth and we want it now. To do so, we need bigger and better networks to move data around. However, designing and building these networks is hard.

To design a network you have to manage a lot of data, handle complex engineering and architecture rules, across a business process that involves a range of different organizations. It is a complicated team sport.

For years Biarri has been nutting out the mathematics of network design. We wanted to make it possible to auto generate a network algorithmically. The job is never done, but for the most part we’ve done the math. We have a suite of algorithmic engines and we know we can quickly generate designs for networks that are cheaper to build. We call that suite of engines FOND.

To date we have focused on managing algorithmic complexity. But what about the team sport – managing data easily between players? Network design is collaborative, and of course essentially geospatial. Because of this the focus for us over the last few months has been about making it easy to access the engines and share and collaborate around the auto-generated outputs.

It has meant a renewed focus on simplified network design and geospatial collaboration.

Simplified Network Design Example

Specifically, It has meant a new platform and UI for FOND.

Progress has been good. We have the engines set up in the new SaaS platform and we have hooked into the new web UI.

To make sure we are on the right track we have been a running a VIP program. We have had some of our customers using the product and providing us great feedback on the direction we are taking. We will expand the VIP program in the coming weeks. We will also start working on the next set of product capability. At this stage we will focus on making data ingestion easier and providing more flexibility and depth around the bill of materials.

We will keep you updated on the progress we are making, but as we work on this, we are keen to hear from you about the challenges you face with network design. What are the biggest problems you face and what do you want solved most? What does Simplified Network Design look like for you? Let us know what you want and if you would like to join the VIP Program. Let us know so we can make sure FOND is a useful part of your network design team’s kit bag.”

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