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Creating synergy and collaboration 

We understand that bringing connectivity to communities is essential. In order to do that, there needs to be constant innovation with an influx of revolutionary ideas that break the boundaries of the norm.

Biarri Networks has solved that problem by constructing a combination of unique features that allows complete collaboration and synergy within a network design. 


Centralizing Review / Feedback communications around the actual design data. 

Data access

GIS data can be loaded directly into the platform, in an “easy-to-use” interface to ensure the correct data makes it into the project. Projects can be distributed to everyone who is required, with access restrictions that allow users to choose how others can see and interact with the design planning costs and time to deployment, all based on a network design.

Multiple Organizations

Cloud-based data & communication allows for distributed, multi-functional & multi-organization teams to interact and communicate in a single location.


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Store, Collaborate, and View your Geospatial projects in one place.

Data and revisions are all recorded in one location, which means you don’t need complicated workflows to get data and ensure everyone is looking at the same thing.

Get your team engaged with your projects and receive their critical inputs in one location. 

Our cloud-based GIS viewer allows you to see the correct data, at the right time. 



Provide and receive critical feedback for your projects. Specify the location, select the severity, and set the foundation for a Collaborative approach to GIS.

Style Editor

Visualize your data in your own way. Personalized, consistent, understandable, and standardized by your entire team.

Project Versions

Didn't get your project right the first time? Versions allow you to maintain the history of your projects and build the path forward.


Generate and track the GIS data from your FOND Account. Extract your projects in TAB, SHP, GEOJSON, or KML.

Network Design Simplified

FOND was created so that network planners could promptly and efficiently generate feasibility network designs. In the past, adjusting plans for small changes meant days or weeks of extra planning time.

With FOND, you can shift your plan based on route preferences or newly discovered topographic data — and share your adjusted plans with your teams within minutes.

Read more about how FOND can help solve your current challenges. 

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Additional features


File attachments

Track all of your project files (geospatial and non-geospatial) in a single location.

Configurable UI

Make your UI experience personalized with our configurable UI.

User Location

Viewing your project from the field? Get additional context, by seeing your location on the map.


Bring GIS files into your project, with our Import Workflow.

Data security

Project data uploaded to FOND Planner is securely stored on reliable AWS servers and protected. Read the FOND data security declaration.

immediate access to new features

FOND is cloud-based software, so you can access new updates as soon as they are ready. No manual updates or expensive upgrades.


Biarri Networks is constantly solving problems.

No longer will there be the challenge around inefficient GIS processes that are difficult to understand, which can be reliant on so many systems to complete this process. With Collaboration, we have centralized all streams of communication into a single GIS Platform made for designing fiber networks that anyone can easily use and access. 


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