Biarri Networks Building it's US home and technology hub


Koalarado -- A fitting term for the burgeoning Australian startup and technology scene in Denver, Colorado (thanks Denver Startup Week).

Almost 10 years ago Biarri Networks was founded on the philosophy that a connected world is a better world, and we made it our mission to help get us there faster.

How were we to do that?

By becoming technologists that help to bridge the gap between telecommunications engineering domain experts and the application of software, data sciences, mathematics and a just cause.


2019 marks a major milestone in Biarri Networks’ history

After 18 months of planning, selling houses, finding schools and establishing new homes for their families, the Denver office now has a critical mass of its senior leaders to support rapid growth of the business. Adan Humphries (VP of Operations) recently joined Paul Sulisz (President of Biarri Engineering), who has called Denver home for over a year. The team have been growing steadily and to-date have recruited a number of Denver locals.

This is an exciting time for Biarri Networks, the tech community of Denver, local Universities and High Schools and most importantly for our United States partners and customers.

If you’re in town, or work close by, don’t hesitate to reach out to grab a coffee or a beer with the team.


Wait... weren't you already working in the US?

Absolutely, and we’ve done some pretty awesome stuff since our first US-based projects in 2014. Over that time we’ve:

  • Worked on national telecommunications projects spanning 10’s of millions of households by rapidly scaling an automated approach to OSP design and engineering
  • Solved complex deployment problems to support the strategic and operational decisions of our customers through the power of mathematics
  • Worked with partners to design & engineer Electrical Co-Op and Municipal Utility fiber networks to connect regional towns and communities to the world with fiber
  • Worked with Engineers amongst other deployment experts to automate design using some of the most unique and complex OSP architectures and rules


Why make a song and dance now?

There are two very simple reasons for why we’re investing so heavily in our United States teams-- Our customers asked and the market is ready. 


Our Customers

If you’ve had the opportunity to work for, or with Biarri Networks, you would know that collaboration is everything. Our approach, coupled with the high-contact nature of our customer engagement model means that we need to broaden our local (US-based) presence.


The Market

When we first began talking about automation and optimization in 2010 there was always a degree of skepticism from the market. We were, and still are asked the questions, How were you able to:

  • Deliver on a design run-rate of 300,000 households per week?
  • Minimize fiber reel wastage to less than 2%?
  • Save millions of dollars of CAPEX investment?
  • Reduce distribution fiber by 100’s of miles?

The answer hasn't changed over the last few years -- When we tailor our automation and optimization engines to each of our customers’ unique requirements, they are able to truly realize the benefits of the approach.

What has changed is that the digital network engineering approach has been proven, refined, and is constantly evolving with each active deployment across North America and abroad.


Giving back to the community

Biarri’s roots go back to 2008 where its founders wanted to make mathematics accessible through the use of technology and intuitive software. This didn’t just represent a commitment to our customers, but the continued education and support of the industries, and communities that we work in.

We believe that early interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) will lead to stronger innovation in tomorrow’s leaders. With this in mind, we work actively with high schools and universities to promote careers in STEM fields.

Not only do we actively support women across technology and STEM fields but we understand the benefits that a diverse workplace can have on our company culture and the collaborative relationships we have with our customers.

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