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Welcome to our educational resources page, where you will find videos that are intended to enhance your understanding of what we do as it relates to planning and designing a fiber network.

Each month we will publish another video to help you along the way in your journey of building a fiber network design. 

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so you decided to build a fiber network...what's next?

How do you begin the daunting task of planning, designing, and then building a fiber network?

Our Customer Success Manager, Amanda Corson will take you through some of the most important steps you should take when you start planning, desig

ning, and building a fiber network. 



How to customize your bill of materials?

In our first video, we looked at the capabilities of our software tool, FOND. In this video, we will focus on a strong capability and use case of FOND - how you can customize the bill of materials to meet your funding requirements.





The Cost Breakdown of Your BOM (Bill of Materials)

Today, our goal is to look at a side-by-side comparison of two designs using the same architecture, one with our pre-configured bill of materials and the other being more uniquely defined based on the architecture. We will further analyze the cost breakdown and how to align the BOM with the network’s architecture.


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Insights Connect (X) 2023

Read below as one of our Project Managers, Jenn Herrera goes over her time at Connect (X) in New Orleans, LA.


4 min read

Insights Broadband Communities Summit 2023

Read below as our VP Engineering, Leigh Maidment gives his thoughts on his time spent at the Broadband Communities...

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Insights From The U.K. - Connected North & FTTH Conference


By John Iannello and Matt Harrison 


The UK & EMEA team recently hit the road in a big way, attending two of...

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