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Field Services

Enhancing Biarri Network's Design as a Service Offering through standardized field offerings and impactful technology. Our goal is to provide answers to our customers deployment pain points and identify gaps.

We want to help you get to your end point and make sure you find the right path to your customers.

Below you will find our current field service offerings. If you are interested in hearing more about our individual offerings please submit our form.

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Field Survey


Our Solutions


> Field Survey

> Address Validation

> Pole Data Collection

> MRE Classification

> Pole Loading Analysis

> Make-Ready Analysis/Engineering


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Field Services Specialist, Travis Oelrich:

VP, Engineering and Field Services, Christina Bassett:

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 Intrusive Pole Testing <

Pole Applications <

Design/Field Validation or CRO(construction ride-out) <

PE Stamps <

Traffic Control Plans <

Construction Prints <

Permit Creation, Submittal & Approval <



All field data is to be captured via a digital platform which will be agreed to. Biarri will assist with the configuration of the electronic field validation form that will be used to collect field data. 

Want to know more?

If you are interested in collaborating with us on your next project contact our team today and we will help get your fiber deployment project on track. 

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