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Five Part FOND Collaboration Series

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Part 1: a groundbreaking and disruptive GIS network design tool that allows you to have complete synergy & communication across all parties of your project.

Here we highlight one of the many incredible tools that FOND Collaboration allows you to do, manage and centralize communication across all stakeholders within the project.

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Part 2: a tool that allows team members to seamlessly communicate throughout your project in real-time. 

You're now able to leave and receive comments or review points for your team on your network design, so no information gets lost or overlooked.

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Part 3: This allows you to create multiple "versions" of the project so you don't lose track of changes and the history of your design is maintained.

Easily switch between the different versions to view specific comments, highlight what changes were made, and make sure all team members are aware of the history.

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Part 4: here we highlight a feature that allows you to configure the style and look of your project interface.

Visualize your data in your own way. Personalized, consistent, understandable, and standardized by your entire team. Choose from a wide range of customizable features within your project so you and your team can better understand your design.

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Part 5: So far we have highlighted five innovative and groundbreaking features/tools that FOND Collaboration allows you to do. Today, we are taking a look at how Collaboration allows you to segment and organize your projects in folders so you can stay structured within your team.

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FOND Collaboration can completely transform your network design process by creating synergy and alignment across all organizations and team members involved with your project. Being able to comment on specific architecture marks that your team will see in real-time, having the ability to manage access to projects, tracking the version history of your project, and styling the map to your liking are all incredible tools that come along with FOND Collaboration.

Start using FOND Collaboration today by reaching out to a sales team member at info@biarrinetworks.com OR check out our collaboration page and fill out a form https://hubs.ly/Q01vLfv50

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