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Insights Connected America 2023

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Read below as our Customer Success Manager, Amanda Corson gives here thoughts during her time spent at Connected America 2023.

Connected America in Dallas this year gave America’s digital economy leaders, innovative solution providers, and businesses in broadband an opportunity to spring into action with two full days of learning and networking, with so many business partnerships being formed. I was thrilled to participate in such an event!

This year at Connected America, our team at Biarri Networks made our presence known to the masses! Now, we’re talking more than our mini putt putt and the “silent disco” format of demos at the booth. We were fortunate to have some of our very best participate in panels and presentations throughout the show. Each presentation or panel highlighted the how's and why’s of improving broadband coverage in America.

Andy Lopez, Client Director, spoke on a panel discussing the way to bridge the digital divide through inclusivity, directly speaking to the impact of expanding the availability of broadband infrastructure to rural areas. Russel Agle, Director of Global Strategic Accounts, as well as Barrett Briley, Director of Business Development, of Irby Utilities and one of our trusted and valued customers, spoke to the factors that account for a technology-driven fiber network design for scale and certainty, ultimately providing a reliable, secure, and cost-effective solution that can meet the demands of businesses and consumers alike. To wrap up day one of Connected America, Tim Howard, President at Biarri Networks, spoke to the benefits of having a tech-enabled, data-driven design, helping reduce capital and operational costs by optimizing network capacity, improving energy efficiency, and reducing downtime. Finally, we were able to see our Director in North America, John Tait, participate in a panel discussion on developing a strategy for rural broadband expansion. I was elated to witness my colleagues speak with such acumen and intellect on these topics.

Overall, Connected America was a resounding success, showcasing the latest advancements and innovations in the fiber optic industry. From cutting-edge technologies to informative keynote speeches, it provided a valuable platform for industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and network. The overwhelming attendance from exhibitors and attendees alike underscored the importance of fiber optic technology in today’s digital landscape and its potential for future growth and development.


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