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Traffic & Conversion Summit 2022

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This past week I got the opportunity to attend The Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego. Over the course of three days, I spent my time soaking up content from insightful sessions and being inspired by captivating speakers like Chief of Staff, Joe Polish and CEO, Kasim Aslam, along with many more. 

Attending a marketing conference can be intimidating at first glance. My assumption was that everyone in attendance would be more experienced, smarter, and more seasoned in their field.

But in reality, as I came to find out once there, everyone was having those same thoughts. If they already had all the answers, they wouldn't have been there.

I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful session where a panel of female entrepreneurs talked through their experiences and offered advice on how to be more confident, run a great business, and how to be powerful as a woman in the workplace. A point was made several times that you need to be uncomfortable or you aren’t going to grow and get better. Going to these conferences as a first timer is exactly that. Uncomfortable. However, I walked away from it with a notebook full of knowledge and advice that I can implement in my personal and professional life. Ed Mylett, Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author, said something that I think is really important, “you’re one away”. You never know how close you are to that thing that will take you to the next level. You can be one project, one talk you listened to, one experience away from changing the game. There were so many speakers with incredibly inspirational stories that moved you to have more drive, find your passion, and wake up motivated to start the day.

Founder, Stefan Smulders, gave a great talk on specific LinkedIn strategies that you can easily implement within your own organization. I find that these types of talks are so insightful because they give you content you are able to take back with you after the event. This is why I thought the Traffic and Conversion Summit was so great because of the amount of diversity seen throughout the sessions. All of the speakers put so much time and energy into their presentations in order to give us useful information that we can take back with us. 

I had an amazing experience meeting new people, seeing the enthusiasm and passion everyone had for learning, and I look forward to being able to start implementing what I learned on my own.  


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