Paul Sulisz

1 min read

To Save Telecom, We Need Radical Transparency

The optimists claim 2029 as the year of universal broadband connectivity. It’s easy to get wooed by that estimate when there’s a veritable infrastructure windfall to be had in both the private and public sectors. But the rosy picture quickly fades...

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4 min read

Five Challenges to Closing the Digital Divide and How to Solve Them

Challenge #1: Equipment and material shortages Today's broadband equipment was built for yesterday's approach to building fiber networks. As a...

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3 min read

Have you been sucked into a bad-data orbit? Here’s how to break free.

Bad data has the gravitational pull of Jupiter. It causes problems as massive as a planet for telecommunication networks thanks to errors, missing...

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2 min read

Why You Need Biarri Networks to Win in the High-Speed Broadband Race

The race to connect America with high-speed broadband networks has hit warp speed. The pandemic accelerated years’ worth of digital adoption to a...

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