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Using innovative technology to connect 113,000 Springfield, Mo. residents and businesses to fiber

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Biarri’s data-driven, predictive approach for outside plant design and engineering increases efficiency, precision, and cost savings.


DENVER, Colo. -- Biarri Networks announced its working relationship with Las Vegas based The Broadband Group to provide its innovative digital network engineering services with City Utilities in Springfield, Missouri. The $120 million fiber network expansion project will transform Springfield into a true “Gigabit City.”

The envisioned network, connecting more than 113,000 residents, will take advantage of Biarri Networks’ customer-centric and technology-driven engineering capabilities, underpinned by patented mathematical algorithms for efficient fiber optic network design.

“Biarri’s design and engineering outputs provide fast and reliable data on par with the ambitious plans of this project,” said Tom Reiman, President of The Broadband Group. “This innovative software produces actionable approaches for a digitally-driven experience that is objectively precise.”

In addition, The Broadband Group’s Utility Lease Model (which enabled the leasing of City Utilities’ excess dark fiber capacity by CenturyLink, Inc. - NYSE: CTL) will showcase how gigabit fiber can be deployed citywide without raising utility rates.

"The residents and businesses of Springfield expect high-speed fiber broadband connectivity,” said Jeff Bertholdi, Director of SpringNet/City Utilities. “A project of this scale requires the right partners.  We are pleased with what The Broadband Group and Biarri Networks have brought to the table.  Partnerships like these are critical to bridging the digital divide across rural and underserved areas in America."

"We are excited to be supporting forward-thinking organizations such as SpringNet/City Utilities and The Broadband Group,” said Paul Sulisz, President of Engineering for Biarri Networks. “This undertaking is important for the people of Springfield and, through our partnership, is creating an effective process for fiber network expansion, connecting more people and businesses to high-speed internet."

Biarri Networks will be leveraging the expertise of partners including Render Networks and BHC Rhodes for this project, in keeping with their approach to tailor the right mix of expertise, people and technology to maximize the chance for success of each project.

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